39 Ways To Get Clients For Your Business

Sales depend on variety of factors and the main of them is connection with target audience and converting it into real clients. For boosting sales marketers should develop useful marketing techniques to attract new customers. Effective sales approaches are described below.

Lead generation via social networks

A lead is any user who is informed about certain product or service and is interested in it. And lead generation is a process of searching for those people who may be potential clients. Lead generation supposes initiating users’ interest in offering and opening communication with them.

Quality lead generation scheme creates strong relationship with clients who can put money into business on regular basis. Best lead generation companies put quality over quantity, so handful of quality leads trumps dozens of general leads every time. Digital lead generation strategies include prospecting on LinkedIn, Upwork and other social media platforms, sending e-mails, creating blog content, producing videos, and so much more.

Pay to promote business on social media

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, as well as Twitter are social media platforms with the most traffic. Advertising is one of the significant sources of income for mentioned networks. Paid advertising is the fastest and easiest way to drive traffic to any website and boosting one’s online business.
If one wants to promote his business with the help of social network he ought to find out what platform is right for his business. For example businesses in B2B space will perform more on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and Fashion Company will perform more on Pinterest or Instagram. Facebook ads allow to target by age, gender, employment, interest, and much more.

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Create gated content

Mentioned type of material is online asset that is accessible to users if they fill out a form. For inbound marketing to be effective, business owner should obtain high-quality content and use it to entice users to complete a form to get gated content.

For revealing gated asset users should provide their information and in most cases this info includes an email address and a name of a user. Some business owners use strategy of requiring social media follows or likes in exchange for content. But they never require audience to pay for gated content if they want to attract new clients to their business.

Ask for referrals

The best promotion can be provided by customers who are happy with company’s service. Potential clients value and trust good word from their family and friends, so encouraging current customers to talk about company’s good service may be the best way to gain new leads.

Creation of referral reward system where existing customers bring leads to company in order to get some benefit or discount is a good lead generation strategy. For example, company asks existing customers to provide an email of potential lead and if the lead makes a purchase current customer will get a discount.

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Offer a coupon or discount

Lowering the price of different products and deals can immediately help company to attract new clients to business. Discounts make customers feel good and relaxed and they may purchase things that they have no intention to buy.

The goal of a company will determine the type of discount it offers and which customers it should aim to reach. With a discount, new customers are more likely to try product because they will lose less if they don’t like it. For gaining repeat customers company ought to provide a discount via a loyalty program for existing customers. Discounts can also help to get rid of old inventory and sell more units of company’s product or service.

Create high-quality website

A website represents company’s business on the Internet and is a great marketing tool to make more sales. High-quality web design is no longer optional but a must-have thing for business to survive in the highly competitive digital market.

When users land on company’s website managers want them to be instantly engaged, compelled by company’s offering and ready to sign up and become a lead. And for this purpose website should have quality visual aspect, accurate information about a company and products, be fast as well as user friendly. High-quality website grabs users’ attention, highlights value of company’s offering, and builds product-interest.

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