Digital freight brokerage allows you to manage your own business more easily than interaction with traditional freight brokers. Internet development affects the ability for freight brokers to go digital. All customers, carriers (drivers and 3rd-party logistics providers) are in your mobile. The right decision of your problem will be found in some minutes and the right worker will be fit all your characteristics.
Digital freight brokerage definition

Among responsibilities of digital freight brokers there are online finding shippers for different businessmen who have goods for delivery. For this match it’s necessary just use an online form or an app which helps clients to find each other.

A digital freight brokerage process consists of some steps:
1. A shipper has a load for sending to a customer.
2. He fills in necessary information about his delivery on the app.
3. A digital freight brokerage finds suitable drivers.
4. A driver receives a message about the order.
5. A load goes to a customer if a driver accepts the order.

Advantages of digital freight brokers

They help not to waste time and save money in delivering loads. Shippers don’t need a contract with drivers, they just use the app. This decision saves time and costs.

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Truck drivers have also benefits using a digital freight brokerage. After delivering goods a lot of drivers have to come back without loads. This wastes resources like time and money.

Skills for being a digital freight broker

To be a digital freight broker you don’t need many skills. Tasks can be automated. You have to be good at information technologies. A digital freight broker must know how this business works.
• Analyze markets online. This freight intelligence is critical for capturing changes.
• Use communications platforms and secure websites.
• Put money in app technologies.
• Learn customer relationship management tools. Freight brokerages that use marketing strategies will have a clear advantage.

Comparison with a traditional freight broker

Before taking a decision it’s necessary to analyze is it’s worth to be a digital freight broker. A digital freight broker has more advantages in comparison with a traditional freight broker.

Spare hours

In a traditional brokerage finding shippers and drivers can take too much time. Digital freight brokers do it for several minutes.

Less paperwork

A digital freight broker signs contracts through the app and doesn’t need to analyze tons of printed documents. The app reduces a number of paper contracts, which traditional freight brokers have to write down.

Simple access

In the app shippers and truckers can find each other endlessly. Traditional freight brokers can’t work all day and all night. It stops the process for some hours.

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The national average salary for a freight broker in the United States is $62 000 per year, with an average additional compensation of $28 000 for commissions. A state which you choose for work also affects your salary.

You can buy freight broker training which our company offers. With practical skills and theoretical knowledge you will be in great demand.

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