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All successful businessmen who aim at increasing their income as fast and effectively as possible know that the key features are up-to-date modernization of enterprise with the help of latest technologies released.

Among the tools used nowadays the most important one is considered to be cloud technologies that are rather helpful in making the work process easier, especially management, interaction with clients, providers, personnel. When using the latest achievements of IT-sphere, you can gain the guarantee of stable profitability with minimal expenses.

Among the main advantages there are:

  • instant access to the immense volumes of information that is helpful for analyzing the current situation on the market, making predictions concerning further development;
  • the presence of compact core which is capable of instant optimization for routes intended for managers working out of office;
  • confidentiality protection from the outer attacks aimed at stealing information or scattering it across the server;
  • duplication of necessary files inside the cloud server as a backup plan for unpredictable system breakdown;
  • increase in the impact of SaaS in managing the credit card information, which is impossible without capable server.
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With such potential you will surely get to expand the horizons of your business as quickly as ever possible. Only the entrepreneurs who are advanced enough and use the cloud services wisely will easily overcome any arising crisis on their way. The benefits of such technologies will positively affect minimizing expenses, quickly follow up any changes happening at the market, secure information from any DDoS attacks, helping your business to prosper.

Optimizing the business through the work with cloud services

Our company stands as a guarantee for stabilizing your work in the virtual environment even during the maximal network loading, introducing one hundred-percent protection from any DDoS attempts. With our assistance the increased productivity and reliability of system functioning is the essential result. All of the system blocks will be solid against any outer influence or intrusion of any dangerous data inside the cloud. While using the services provided by us, you can rest assured that information added will be organized neatly, opening the possibility of minimizing your current expenses.

For getting more details about our products you can visit the corresponding section of our website and fill in the questionnaire or contact us via mentioned phone number. Our manager will call you back within fifteen-twenty minutes to give you answers on any questions you feel interested in, picking the best product package to your preference, advise you some solutions for maximizing your benefits from business.

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In order to get the full understanding of how the outer attack affects the system, you can imagine the road with ongoing traffic jam during rush hour. When being trapped in such situation, it is impossible to regulate the moves, there is no immediate access to the data massive you need the most, all departments feel paralyzed by inability to work in the usual pace. The most successful type of intrusion, however, appears to be the one which reaches some of system’s computers damaged by the virus beforehand.

  • Applied. Such DDoS attacks are identified at seventh level by specialists. Their main goal is to exhaust the source with the help of automatically generated web pages. After that, with the help of HTTP-request, the aim is transferred to users. Usually it is really hard to refute, because it is impossible to trace the traffic origin and get the right timing for defense activation.
  • Protocol. According to ISO classification, it is positioned around third or fourth levels. They are mainly aimed at complete exhaustion of resource, triggering set firewalls and loading balancers. In case they get inside the system the storage becomes fully loaded within minutes, destroying the rhythms of enterprise’s work.
  • Volumetric. Attempt of overloading the existing resource with information, blocking its access to the internet with the help of numerous bots. Because of unstoppable traffic all connection channels are blocked, making the work conditions impossible for bearing with. Especially dangerous when aimed at trading companies, communication services, crucial infrastructures, transport control, hospitals and similar to them establishments.
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The assortment of our company includes optimized sets of apps which are able to secure the existing resource from any malicious attacks. Through installing the software to your server, you will prevent any data leaks, recognize any attacks, react in time for any incoming danger and make your internet access fully safe.

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